New Released Programs

  1. The happy Organization H2O
  2. CBP™ Training Of Trainers – TOT Certification


CBP™ Foundation Series

The CBP Professional™ certificate validates the business professional by providing industry-neutral foundation business skills. These skills are required and used as a measure of competency by major institutions and organizations.

The candidate may get certified in one or more of the following business areas to achieve the CBP Professional™ designation

  1. CBP™ Leadership
  2. CBP™ Business Communication
  3. CBP™ Sales
  4. CBP™ Business Etiquette
  5. CBP™ Customer Service

CBP™ Master Series

The CBP Master program is for applicants who wish to specialize and gain mastery in specific business skills sections such as Human Resources, Sales & Marketing, Project Management, Business Management and Technology. The CBPme is a business executive who possesses core business skills and has achieved mastery in a specific business field.

To achieve the CBP Master Executive designation candidates must complete the CBP foundation exams and sit one of the following CBP elective certifications.

  1. CBP™ Marketing
  2. CBP™ Human Resources
  3. CBP™ Business Management
  4. CBP™ Project Management

CBP Business Improvement Series™

  1. CBP™ Leading Through Change
  2. CBP™ Conflict Management
  3. CBP™ Motivating Employees To Be Their Best
  4. CBP™ Dynamic Decision Making
  5. CBP™ Secrets Of Management Success Series